SUPERHEROES – stop motion project – the VAIA

CLAYMATION SHOWREEL theVAIA (Goegler und Siggelkow GbR)

SUPERHEROES – stop motion project – the VAIA For our customer we designed and brought to life – plasticine superheroes . Over 50 Claymation superhero stop motion cartoons, each with a film length of 2 min. Here you can see the SUPERHEROES showreel … 🙂 THX to our team who helped us with this project !! Below you can watch the TEASER

… theVAIA loves CLAY !! It´s fantastic what you can do with a little peace of plastilin. It´s soft and easy to use and it holds its form perfectly.

Doing stopmotion is always a huge task for the team, because you need time and good structured working plan. But in the end we were so proud of the result, we did a little showreel for you, so you can say hello to our little heroes. Here you can see the SUPERHEROES claymation showreel … 🙂

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CLAYMATION SHOWREEL theVAIA from the vaia on Vimeo.



SUPERHEROES – Stop Motion Projekt – the VAIA

Für unseren Auftraggeber haben wir Knet-Superhelden gebaut und zum Leben erweckt. Dabei sind über 50 Superhelden-Kurzfilme enstanden. Alle mit einer Laufzeit von etwa 2 Minuten.

Hier könnt ihr das Showreel anschauen…

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claymation showreel theVAIA

superhelden aus knete stop motion project the vaia

stop motion superheroes thevaia

sibel scribble plastilin stop motion

super heroes cartoon animation by the vaia

sibelscribbles superheroes stop motion cartoon project

showreel knetanimation von thevaia

superhelden knetanimation the vaia meets sibelscribble


Our small animation-studio deals with different variations of stopmotion. We used Newplast plastilin to produce our small heroes.

theVAIA has a huge repertoire on working strategies and techniques, because art is a wide field of endless opportunities.

Cover design, Visuals, visualization, loops, clips, livegigs, animation, stop-motion, music videos, music clips, short movies, claymation, illustration, storboards, concept art, requisite, set construction, installation





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